Carbon Cool 14" Mattress


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Product ID:Carbon Cool 14" Mattress

Carbon Cool 14" Mattress

14” thick with the most advanced mattress cooling technology available

 • 20x more effective than gel memory foam, OmniPhase® Phase Change Material provides continual temperature regulation with ventilation for superior airflow.

• Infused phase change capsules transfer heat away from the body to maintain the optimum sleep temperature throughout the night.

• PCM treated cover augments cooling features of the mattress

• Graphite infused top layers - With its enhanced thermal conductivity, graphite has the exceptional ability to remove heat via airflow. Tiny graphite molecules infused in the foam create a pathway that naturally moves heat away from the body.

A- Omniphase Cover

B- Carbon Cool + omniphase surface coating

C- 3.0" Carbon Cool + Onniphase infused memory foam

D- 2.0" Quick response foam

E- 9.0" Supportive Base Foam