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The Royal Suite features the high profile, 5 zoned Lura-Flex alternating spring support system with foam encased rails. Each coil flexes independently for grater sensitivity to body contours and more durability with less friction. Coil counts are as follows:

462 Coils in Twin
490 Coils in Twin - XL
660 Coils in Full
700 Coils in Full - XL
800 Coils in Queen
1024 Coils in King

The Royal Suite sleep system contains the highest quality of specialized foam products that are rated above industry standards. The high denisty foam layers are not only more resilient but also afford a higher level of support and conformability.

The elegant woven damasks used to create these beds are of superior quality and are designed to enhance comfort.

Chemical free "Natural Fire Barrier". Inherent fire resistant fibers make it permanently flame retardant. Does not cause skin sensitivzation or irrant reactions. Biodegradable. Moisture regulating properties provide comfort.

Mattress Height: 10.5"
Foundation Height: 9"

The Royal Suite is made with semiflex metal box with extra center supports. The upholstery is composed of a pad and non - skid flame retardant top finished of with an elegant "ecru" quilted damask border.

- Available in Two sided or no-flip mattress!
- Moderate choice for hotels!
- Lura-Flex Alternating Coil Support System (Each coil flexes independently for greater sensitivity to body contours and more durability with less friction)
- Premium Comfort Materials
- Elegant Fabrics used for the hospitality collection of beds
- Natural Flame retardant materials

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