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Bissell Air Mover

Product ID: Bissel BGAM3000

Bisell Air Mover 9.5" Diameter blower fan moves air at 3 speeds up to 3000 cfm Reliable 1/2 HP, 6.25 AMP motor with 3 speed switch Save space by...

Bissell Caddy Clean

Product ID: Bissel CC1000

Bisell Caddy Clean Simple to handle and extremely low weight 4.9 lbs makes it ideal for cleaning in areas where manual methods are being used Heavy...

Bissell Commercial 220 Volt 8 Gallon (30 liter) Wet / Dry Vacuum

Product ID: Bissell Commercial Wet Dry

Bissell 220/240 Volt Commercial 8 Gallon (30 liter) Wet / Dry Vacuum with Telescopic Want, Floor Tool & Squeegee 220/240 Volt Commercial grade...

Bissell Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Product ID: BGPRO6/10

Bisell Commercial Backpack Vacuum Lightweight: Only weighs 10-12 lbs Perfect for casinos, hotels, motels, offices, etc Shoulder strap support plus...

Bissell Commercial Extractor

Product ID: Bissel BG10

Bisell Commercial Extractor Commercial Deep Cleaning! 2 Motors and Dirt Lifter Power Brush 2 Large Capacity Tanks Adjustable Handle Easy Clean...

Bissell Commercial Upright Floor Scrubber

Product ID: Bissel BGUS1000

Bisell Commercial Upright Floor Scrubber Lightweight, compact automatic floor scrubber scrubs and vacuums floors, leaving them clean and dry Easy...

Bissell Dual Brush Sweeper System

Product ID: BG255

Bisell Dual Brush Sweeper System Two brushes rotate in opposite directions grabbing the debris directly in front of the sweeper then deposits the...

Bissell Dual Motor Upright with On Board Tools

Product ID: BGU1000

Bisell Dual Motor with On Board Tools 15" Wide Cleaning Head Weight: 19 lbs Heavy Duty Commercial Vacuum Two Motor System Sleek foot cleans...

Bissell Floor Machine 220 Volt

Product ID: BGEM300/BGEM9000

Bissell Floor Machine 220 Volt 220 Volt Dry cleans carpet and removes allergens Buffs and sands hard wood floors Scrubs and cleans ceramic tile...

Bissell Heavy Duty 220 Volt Commercial Floor Machine

Product ID: Bissell Commercial Floor Machine BIGH21E

Bissell Heavy Duty 220 Volt Commercial Floor Machineool & Squeegee 220/240 Volt Hospital quiet for spray buffing, scrubbing, stripping,...

Bissell Heavy Duty Floor Machine

Product ID: PRO FMH

Bisell Heavy Duty Floor Machine Brush Speed 175 RPM, 1.5 Amp Motor Triple planetary high torque transmission, handles the most demanding...

Bissell Heavy Duty Floor Machine 220 Volt

Product ID: EWI BIGH21E

Bissell Heavy Duty Floor Machine 220 Volt 220 Volt  Hospital quiet for spray buffing, scrubbing, stripping, shampooing, and bonnet...

Bissell Lightweight Upright

Product ID: BGU8000

Bisell 13" Lightweight Upright 13" Wide Cleaning Head Weighs only 8 lbs. Non Marring Bumpers Self Adjusting, goes from carpet to bare floors with...

Bissell Manual Sweepers

Product ID: Bissell BG23

Bisell Manual Sweepers Corner Brushes Floating Head Easy Empty Dirt Bin  Comfortable Grip Soft rubber wheels conform to a variety of floor...

Bissell Orbiting Pattern Floor Machine

Product ID: BGLB9000

Bisell 19" Orbiting Pattern Floor Machine Powerful induction motor is totally enclosed. No brushes or commutator to wear out! Orbiting transmission...
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